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Cape Wide Cleaning's Deep cleaning service provides a much more in-depth cleaning than our residential cleaning service with the addition of some extra detailed work designed to get your home looking good as new! You will get the spotless sanitized bathrooms, the dusted furniture and appliances, sparkly clean rooms, and crumb-less floors with the added bonus of cleaning inside and out of your refrigerator/oven and more! Deep cleanings not only improve the appearance of your home, but they also get rid of all the dirt and dust hiding in the crevices of your home. Even if you regularly clean your home on your own, a deep cleaning service can help you go the extra mile to keep your air cleaner and your surfaces sparkling. 


Not only will we get your home looking absolutely fantastic, we will set you up for cleaning success going forward—we offer our special discounts for weekly, bi-weekly, or maintenance if you decide to sign up for regular cleaning service after your deep clean is complete. 

Please see our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee promise and a take a minute to view our Full Deep Clean Checklist.

For Highest Quality service, we suggest that we come to your home to inspect and evaluate the area that requires cleaning at no cost to you.

Our Deep Cleaning Includes:

Clean Ceiling Fans

Deep Clean Oven & Stove Top

Under Cushions & Chairs

Wipe Exterior Cabinets 

Dust & Polish Furniture

Polish Appliances

Clean Under & Around Areas

Organize Miscellaneous Items

Clean Baseboards

Appliances Inside & Out

Sanitize door knobs & light switches

And Much More!


A Deluxe Deep Clean includes all the services of our Deep Clean but with more attention to areas you may have forgotten to clean up over time. This in depth cleaning will get your home ‘super’ clean. We recommend all clients receive a deluxe deep clean for the first visit to get your home spotless. All deluxe deep cleanings are customized based on our clients exact cleaning needs - what you choose is what you get.

  • Vacuum Under/In Couches & Chairs

  • Vacuum Under & Behind Furniture

  • Remove Spots & Scuffs from Walls

  • Clean Under & Behind Refrigerator

  • Clean Under & Behind Oven

  • Spot Clean Doors & Wipe Trim

  • Sanitize Light Switches & Door Knobs 

  • Clean Out Air Ducts & Vents 

  • Clean Out Fireplace

  • Clean Interior Windows & Sills 

  • All Cabinet Exteriors & Knobs

  • And Much More!


Its all about QUALITY

Standard Clean Options Available

Customized Cleaning Packages 

Deep Clean Vowed Estimates

Special Request Options

100% Satisfaction Guarantee



It is our goal to offer you the best possible cleaning service available. If you aren't 100% satisfied with your cleaning we will come back and re-clean it for free!

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